about me

I’m Marsha Magura and I am a self taught artist living on the southern Lake Michigan shore.

Here I am in the pic to the right… clearly thrilled to have my mug on this site!!!

My lifelong passion has been for drawing, painting and expressing myself through art.

I’m sure some of my early works involved a coloring book and crayons! Although you will find many different subjects depicted in these pages, I’m currently focusing on custom pet portraits . I find that sharing my life with pets makes everything more special ( I have 2 Irish Terriers) and I try to capture that sentiment in my paintings. I so enjoy working with my clients, seeing the love they have for their pets and how excited they are to have a truly original likeness created just for them. I love the challenge of capturing a pet’s personality, character and quirkiness, whether it be in pencil, watercolor, or acrylic paint.

In addition to painting, I adore gardening.

I have a bit of a green thumb ( and not because I have paint on it ) my garden boasts both flowers and veggies… I make some very scrumptious homemade pickles, too!

I divide my time between painting, gardening, playing with my 2 Irish Terriers, Maly and Ginger and helping my husband, Mick in our family business.

Lastly I feel fortunate/blessed being able to do something I love!!!!